Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rainy Day In Hue

Last night, went for one in a series of good dinners here. It was in an outdoor restaurant a few blocks from the hotel here in Hue. Beef wrapped in leaves, vegetables, stuff you mix in rice paper, a fish taco thing, and my absolute favorite, in Hue , NYC or anywhere...squid. Calamari.

Then down a bit further a bar with pool table, where most of us sat around a table over drinks, listening to John Fogerty and CCR. Small world. My favorite beverage: La Rue lager beer, from Hoi An.


Rainy morning.

Went to a Buddhist temple, then a boat ride on the Perfume River. Rained a lot, but the boat was covered.

In afternoon, to the tomb of Emperor Tu Duc. He was last indedependent empereror of Vietnam. Great photos there. Had no kids. He ate three meals a day, consisting of 50 courses prepared by 50 different chefs.

Next to tomb of the following emperor, who followed Tu Duc in late 19th Century. He was French puppet. Big tomb for this guy too. Had 100 plus kids.

Stopped at small place where they make the conical hats. Everywhere you stop, there is a " welcoming committee " of locals trying to sell you bottled water, t-shirts, whatever.

Now, hang out in Hue for awhile before dinner at 6pm, then at 730 drive to airport to Hanoi where we get in something like 11pm.

See Houston is one game away from the World Series. Go Cardinals. Do not want that traitor Clemens to get there.


Anonymous crabbylady said...

We thought of a name that Campbell's can market the Vietnamese soup under. "Faux Pho".

10:19 AM  
Blogger the phantom said...

Pho sure

7:11 AM  

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