Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dalat Dinner

Quiet dinner in Da Lat tonight. We went to a small restaurant called Ngoc Duy, where we enjoyed a delicious multicourse meal. Very good vegetables from the local farms. They mixed pineapple with a vegatable dish. For me, the meal and three " 333 " local beers, ran me $9 equivalent. Service good, too.

The beer here is ok but not great, standard lager in a can stuff. You get 333 and Saigon beer everywhere. In Dalat, they even produce wine, at this higher elevation.

Again, much cooler here. So cool that there is no a/c in the hotel, though they could probably use some tonight. I have the windows open, and can hear the doggies barking somewhere.

This is a Novotel hotel, an older building that was fixed up. Great antique elevator with a screen door you open by hand.


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