Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi area was a hotbed of Viet Cong activity. They built an intricate series of well-disguised tunnels in order to hide out in and to transport equipment.

We walked one block from the Grand Hotel to the Saigon River in order to catch a boat to the Cu Chi Tunnels. We passed many small and not-so-small river boats, each with eyes painted on the prows to guard against the dangers of the river.

A black and white propaganda film to start us off. To the left, a schematic of a section of the tunnels.

Finding the Viet Cong in these tunnels was like finding a needle in a haystack

Some of us went through a small section of the tunnels. They were conveniently enlarged to accomodate Westerners. Here, Kathy from our group emerges from the tunnel.

I went through the section of tunnel also. Our Vietnamese local guide recommended that I not bring my camera down there due to the tightness of the space, a real good call. He took the initative of taking the following three photos, for which I am thankful.

Almost there

I emerge from the Cu Chi Tunnel.


An American tank by the Cu Chi tunnels

Replica of Viet Cong working on an unexploded piece of US ordinance in order to remove the gunpowder

We took a boat up the Saigon River to get to the Cu Chi Tunnels. The above two photos are from the boat ride back. You see floating hyacinth plants everywhere on this river. These plants live their lives floating down the river.


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