Thursday, October 13, 2005

In Dalat

We said goodbye to Saigon this morning, and took the bus to Tan Sa Nhut Airport, and then to an Air Vietnam propeller plane up to Da Lat, or Dalat. It is not such a huge distance, but the roads in Vietnam are atrocious, so it makes sense to fly. The flight went well.

The air here in Dalat is much cooler. It rained for awhile this afternoon when we visited a famous Zen Buddhist Temple. There were beautiful gardens near it and a lake that is pretty.

Then to a gondola ride over the valley, to the town of Dalat where we have just arrived. A lot smaller, cooler and less congested than Saigon. The local specialty is ice cream with avocado, which I will try soon.

The land here is very rich and very beautiful, with lots of well tended orchards. etc. This is also where they grow coffee and tea.

Tomorrow, Nha Trang. Only one night in Dalat.


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