Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mekong Visit

Will not be any posted photos for awhile. Had a technical glitch, whereby the card of my Olympus EVolt digital reverted to a " protected " stated that I did not want after I uploaded yesterday.

After a few hours, I determined I could not fix it myself, and a camera shop guy here fixed it for me just now, by adjusting something, and refused to take any payment. Good people here.


Yesterday, got quite lost when going for a walk. Walked for miles and miles through the vastness of Saigon. Loads of people on the sidewalk, cooking, welding something together, hanging out, selling goods of every imaginable description, whatever. I realized I had turned around somewhere and gave up and took a taxi back to the Grand Hotel.

Lots of smiles from the kids, wondering who this stranger is walking in their neighborhood. Give them a grin back, and the little kids burst out in hysterics. Again, good people here.


Today, went for a boat ride on the Mekong Delta. The trip to and from the boat was most interesting, as Vietnamese roads make those of Italy appear sane and orderly.
Saw two accidents on the way out, many near misses on the way back.

Took a big boat and then a smaller boat to two islands in the delta. The Mekong is the Mississipppi of Asia, a massive river starting in China, going through Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia before winding up in Vietnam.

Took boat down a natural canal bounded by high reeds.

Held a boa snake over my shoulders. Really. Do not have a photo, but my teammates do, and they will send to me and I will post it.

Saw candy factory where they make sweets from locally produced coconut.

Smacked my knee on the boat, which was not so excellent and required a Band Aid.

Ate a nice seafood lunch.

Tomorrow, on those nice Vietnamese roads again, for an Air Vietnam flight up to Da Lat. Da Lat is at a higher altitude. It was founded by the French ( them again! ) and is supposed to be gorgeous, with a great climate and good local fruits of great variety.

Sorry the Yankees lost. I blame it all on Hon.


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