Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hoi An

Sunday morning, got up at 530 as we had an 830 flight to Da Nang.

We flew out of the Camh Ran Airport, which was built by the US taxpayer as part of the buildup at Camh Ranh seaport. It looked like very, very little had changed since the end of the war. The building was the yellowish concrete that a lot of Army / Airforce facilities were made of.

Another Vietnam Airlines propeller place to Da Nang Airport, which may also have been built by the US. Da Nang was a huge base for the US back then.On the drive to Hoi An, we passed what had been a US helicopter base.

We stopped at the Cham Museum in Da Nang, and then continued to Hoi An.

I am at the Hoi An Hotel, near the old historic city of Hoi An.

We had a nice lunch at " Mango Rooms " , a small, pretty restaurant run by a guy named Duke. He left Vietnam as a small child, as part of the Boat People exodus. He lived in various places, including Texas and Mexico, and grew to love things Latino, including the food and the music.

The restaurant is Vietnamese but has Latin music and cocktails. I had rice noodles and shrimps ( and tons of garlic and onions ) drowned by two Mango cocktails and a Saigon beer.

We visited a Chinese temple, built by Fujianese traders back then.

Also, a two hundred year old house.

And the " Japanese Covered Bridge " built in 16something to connect the Chinese and Japanese communities of this old trading town.

A short heavy rainstorm , but just as I arrived back at the Hoi An Hotel, and this internet place, right next to it.


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