Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hanoi- Cyclo Ride to the Water Puppet Show

On the second to last night in Hanoi, the group took a cyclo ride to the Water Puppet Show. Cyclos are basically bicycle-powered rickshaws. They are part of the transit system in Vietnamese cities, not just a tourist thing. The passenger seat of a cyclo will fit two Vietnamese...or one Westerner.

Mr. Cyclo Driver, you are about to get an excellent workout.

All the cyclos you see here are of our group. We went from the Metropole Hotel ( Jane Fonda stayed for two weeks in 1968 ) , past the Opera House, and then on a meanderering route through the old section of town. Seeing these ancient streets in the open-seated cyclo was almost sensory overload.

A headstone firm we passed

Through crowded streets and intersections...

Scenes that could have been from centuries ago

A long cyclo ride, but a great experience.

The Water Puppet Show, played to traditional Vietnamese instruments and song, was great fun

Puppeteers take a bow


Blogger Pentex said...

I love the cyclo ride! By the way, you look like a UPS guy sitting in there... :)

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