Sunday, October 30, 2005

Schoolkids in Vietnam

Did not see schoolbuses in Vietnam. Kids, even in the early grades, walk to school, traveling in groups. This means a long walk for kids in the country, which must not be too much fun when the monsoon kicks in.

The kids wear school uniforms ( most of the time anyway ) , which were always neat. Some of the older girls wear flowing white dresses.

All the young kids looked happy and confident, very willing to be photographed. They would often approach you practicing their school English " Hello! How are you? Goodbye! ", sometimes in one breath.

They were great. If they are the future of this country, the future is looking pretty good.

About to cross the street in Hanoi.

Oh, I am going to be so famous!

Boy Gives the V sign

Waving to the passing Westerner in the cyclo


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