Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hoi An

Hoi An is an compact port city, where the Chinese, Japanese, and European traders have come to call over the centuries.

Many of the old buildings survive. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It lives on tourism now, and has lots of good small restaurants. Trivia fact: karaoke is banned here. The authorities feel the loud noise would take away from the spirit of the city.

Woman in Hoi An market street

Woman selling whistles

Buddhist altar in a restaurant

Oldest House in Hoi An

Mango Rooms Restaurant. When Duc was a child, he was taken away from Vietnam as one of the " Boat People ". He lived in Texas, Mexico and other places, and developed a love for Latin music and food. He moved back to Vietnam as an adult, and owns the Mango Rooms restaurant. Mango Rooms is a brightly-colored restaurant serving Asian food, mostly fish, with a Latin flair. Latin music plays on the sound system. Duc's a happy guy.

Japanese Bridge

No one is quite sure of the exact age of this bridge, but it was probably constructed in the early years of the Edo Shogunate (the early 17th century). The covered bridge, also known as the Pagoda Bridge, was built by Japanese craftsmen who were part of a larger community of Japanese merchants active in Hoi An. It connected the Japanese and Chinese sections of town.

Art Store, Owner


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