Sunday, October 23, 2005

Flight Home from Vietnam

Photo of the Deluxe Economy section of my EVA Airways 747.

This little guy was right in front of me. He and his parents were flying back from the Philippines. He cried a little, but on the whole really well behaved. Like all kids his age, he looked backwards over the seat, and I played peekaboo with him.

Stopped each direction in Seattle. On the way back, we had to reclaim our luggage and go through immigration and customs. A very easy process. Seattle's airport looked pretty sharp.

The 747 that flew me home. The 747 is absolutely my favorite large plane. I wish US airlines used them more. The plane handled like a dream on the flights to and from Taiwan.

I am very pleased with my Olympus digital camera, and am glad I brought it with me. Will upload a bunch of photos over the next ten days.


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