Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cham Museum, Da Nang

The Cham people lived in central Vietnam ages ago, before the ( ethnic ) Vietnamese came down from the Red River basin in the 15th-18th Centuries. They were a Hindu Kingdom then, and their sculpture shows this.

That's why they call it Indochina. The Chinese influence on Vietnam is clear. But the Indian influence came first.

The Cham still exist today, by the way. They number 77,000, one of Vietnam's minority groups.

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Blogger lirelou said...

The Cham of today are divided into two communities, the Cham Bani, who are Moslem, and the Cham K'fir, who are Hindu. During the Second Indochina War, there was a company of Cham Bani paratroops from Phan Rang/Phan Thiet stationed at Nha Trang, who were part of the B-55 MIKE Force. Some Cham were also very active in the United Front for the Struggle of Oppressed Races, or "FULRO" movement.

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