Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Basic Itinerary

Am traveling with an Australia-based small tour group called Travel Indochina. The itinerary is below.

Vietnam time is 11 hours ahead of US Eastern time.

Best way to reach me is by Internet, as I will stop by Internet cafes once in a while.

Here's the itinerary.

Saturday, Oct 8
0020am Eva Air Flight No. 31 to Chiang Kai-Shek Airport in Taipei, Taiwan ( with a stop in Seattle on the way ) Connecting flight to Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City ) arrive Sunday 1140am Vietnam flight ( 24 hours plus total flight time )

Oct 9-13 at Grand Hotel in Saigon
Phone 84-8-8230163

Oct 13-14
Flight to Dalat
One night stay at Novotel Dalat
Phone 011-84-63-825777

Oct 14-16
Nha Trang. Stay at Yasaka Saigon Hotel in Nha Trang
Phone 011-84-58-820090

Oct 16-18
Flight to Hoi An, stay in Hoi An Hotel

Oct 18-19
Ground transport to Hue, the old imperial capital, site of battle during Tet offensive in 1968
One night in Huong Giang hotel
Phone 011-58-54-822-122

Oct 19-22
Ground transport to Hanoi. Stay at the Hanoi Hilton! ( Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel )
Phone 011-58-84-4-9330500

Oct 22-23
Last night at the Guoman Hotel in Hanoi
Phone 011-84-4-822-2800

Oct 23
1245 Eva Air flight from Hanoi to Taipei, then transfer to 747 to Seattle/Newark. Arrive at 1110 the same day!


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